Laura Berger

tumblr_ovm63zJlES1qfuk7ro1_1280Actress turned artist Laura Berger has a talent for creating cool, often comical paintings that look like something from the 70’s with geometric shapes and neutral colour palettes.

The main feature of each painting are her little naked figures that are posed doing yoga positions, head-stands, hugging other naked figures, huddling in caves to being draped under beach towels…and I think she is just getting started.

Laura’s army of flexible people both in painting and ceramics are poetic and whimsical, connecting with our own body comforts and our relationships with people in the wider community sense. From reading Laura’s interview on Pocko they are also about having fun and not taking life too seriously. Primarily working in acrylic and gouache paints Laura’s illustrations are inspired by conversations with strangers, travel, hobbies and curiosity for everyday things.








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