Barbara Dziadosz

Came across these joyous images by German born illustrator Barbara Dziadosz. Barbara’s work is instantly recognizable with her gangly characters in their everyday adventures in a bubblegum pink and pineapple coloured world.

Barbara is inspired by everyday life and working people, creating story lead images from the things she witness’s in her own city. She originally created her illustrations in screen print but now works digitally; she has kept that scratchy coloured surface look (a natural result of screen printing). Child-like grid prints take up the backgrounds in her work, overlapped with compositions that have a cut-out collage feel. One could create many new stories from her unlimited amount of sketched components as her portfolio of work is so consistent, being able to blend seamlessly together. Her work is fun, bright and nonsensical appealing to editorial publishers as well as book illustration for young and adult readers.











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