Valero Doval

Currently based in Spain, Valero Doval is a freelance collage artist who works in a creative mix of editorial commissions, installations and his own personal work. His collages predominately consist of vintage imagery juxtaposed with modern illustration bringing wit and narrative to his pictures.

There is a real sense of surrealism to Valero’s work – I would even go as far to say there is a dystopian quality to them with truths and simple ironies about our past, present and future.

Valero uses vintage printed art forms that he has collected over the years such as encyclopedias, bird, botanical and animal books as well as cook books, old fashion magazines and newspapers; often inspired by an image and then an idea will come to mind. Check out his array of work below.

Valero Doval_flowers

Valero Doval_Draws-to-Paradise

Valero Doval_Cosmic-Dreams

Valero Doval_Planesjpg

Valero Doval_Harlequinn‘My art is a poem of images instead of words’ – Valero Doval

Valero Doval_Performer

Valero Doval_Wonderful-World

Valero Doval_Haunted-Houses

Valero Doval_Japanese-Posters

Valero Doval_Japanese-Posters-1

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