Blog Makeover

Desk Photography2

Desk Photography4Thought I would use the opportunity after giving my blog a real face lift to explain a little about my posts and how I’m going to keep using my blog and why this might interest you. This is for the attention of anyone, creative or not, art lovers or just general design enthusiasts or for those who need a bit of an art ‘pick me-up’ now and again.

I will be more active on Izzy Ink and share with you artists, illustrators, designers, exhibitions, places and quotes that I come across that I feel are truly inspiring and hopefully will please you too.

Desk Photography1Each week I will do a gallery post on a fable illustration I like, as this is what a lot of my own personal work is based on at the moment. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a way I can collect works for reference and also share.

I will stick to doing featured posts on artists and just general cool art stuff as usual and will also throw in some inspirational quotes as well….and if I’m being incredibly productive I will upload my own stuff that I have been working on.

Desk Photography3Thanks for your support and just being an audience to my posts.


P.s Do you like my flow chart?…excuse the misspell of Einstein!

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