Lourdes Sanchez

LS Daffoldils

When needing inspiration I often look at one of my favourite art mediums and go from there. Watercolour painting is a versatile and flexible medium that allows artists to create their own colour opacity. It’s a fantastic practice in that it’s unpredictable and can be experimented with in so many ways, from technique to the materials used, to how much water is left on the brush. I always feel overwhelmed painting in watercolours because there are endless possibilities in what you can achieve with them.

Lourdes Sanchez uses watercolour to produce harmonic forms of colour across the paper. Reaching intensely rich colours, light to dark with her ink staining technique expressing serene to sombre emotional tones. Working on silk, Sanchez explores control and acquiescence up to a point where she lets the inks seep into one another.

See her website for more of her work.

Take A Look

LS 3 flowers

LS Circles

LS Geo.png
LS Wild flowers 2LS Wild flowers
LS Geo landscape

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  1. gorgeous work indeed! I’m a fan as well 🙂 cheers, Debi

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